Ivory Tower is one of several residence halls on campus that house SIWP & NAPLP students
Ivory Tower is one of several residence halls on the Foggy Bottom campus that SIWP & NAPLP students have lived in
Students may live on or off the GW campus

The majority of Semester in Washington Politics students choose to live in residence halls on campus. All rooms are equipped with cable and internet, and most have kitchens with seperate living and sleeping spaces. Classrooms, the library, athletic center, and several subway stations are a five to  ten minute walk from the residence halls. GW housing is competitively priced for the Foggy Bottom neighborhood where the campus is located.

Students who live on campus usually have one to three other roommates. Single occupancy dorms are uncommon. If you have a medical condition or other situation that would necessitate a single room, let SIWP staff know as soon as you are admitted to the program and we will do our best to accomodate you.

On-campus housing costs vary by semester and location. Please see the costs and financial assistance page for more information.