NBC News Political Director & White House Correspondent Chuck Todd guest lectures
NBC News Political Director & White House Correspondent Chuck Todd guest lectures

SIWP offers two core courses and several elective options

Once admitted to the program, students work with SIWP staff to enroll in courses appropriate for their individual academic goals. All Semester in Washington Politics students are required to enroll in the two core courses of the program.


Core Courses

The two core courses may be taken for undergraduate or graduate credit.

PMGT 4101: Electoral & Legislative Processes

"Elections and Congress" is intended as an introduction to the United States Congress.  It will explore several themes including how Congress has evolved over time, both in its internal institutional organization as well as in its relationship to the other branches of the federal government; how individual members of Congress operate within this changing institutional landscape; and the "macro-trends" concerning polarization that have emerged over the past several decades.

PMGT 4107: Practicum in Political Management

"Behind the Campaign" explores all of the machinery of a political campaign.  Students will take on an individual role, with its responsibvilities, as a member of the campaign staff; participate, as a team, in a press conference; write a campaign plan; and make a power point presentation to a panel of judges to determine which plan would most likely lead to electoral success.


Elective Courses

Semester in Washington Politics periodically offers at two elective courses.

PMGT 4192: Tutorial in American Politics and Elections

"Nation to Nation: Native Politics from Courtrooms to Communities" provides an overview of the historic and current intergovernmental relationships between Indigenous people and the United States government and explores how federal Indian policy is formed.  Students work in small groups to develop strategic plans for organizing around key issues that affect Native American communities.


PMGT 4187: Internship Seminar

The internship seminar gives students the option to earn academic credit for faculty supervised research, reading, and reflection centering on the professional internship. This course can be tailored to the needs of the individual student.

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