NBC News Political Director & White House Correspondent Chuck Todd guest lectures
NBC News Political Director & White House Correspondent Chuck Todd guest lectures

SIWP offers two core courses and several elective options

Once admitted to the program, students work with SIWP staff to enroll in courses appropriate for their individual academic goals. All Semester in Washington Politics students are required to enroll in the two core courses of the program.

Core Courses

The two core courses may be taken for undergraduate or graduate credit.

PMGT 4101: Electoral & Legislative Processes

The course looks at the process of democratic representation focusing on the development and practice of electoral campaigning and its linkages to legislative and public affairs and lobbying. This approach offers an analysis of how individuals, parties, and interest groups utilize democratic processes to produce practical results in a diverse and fragmented society.

PMGT 4107: Practicum in Political Management

A practicum is a college course in a specialized field of study, designed to give students supervised practical application of a previously studied theory. This course is a practicum and, as such, is handled differently from most undergraduate courses you may have encountered.  In this course you will be working as part of your group in “real time” on a mock political campaign.  You will be applying the principles and theories taught in PMGT 4101. The race you develop a plan for will actually take place in the upcoming election cycle.  As such, you will be relying heavily on information, data, and materials that are available outside of class, primarily – but not solely – on the Internet.  While your practicum meets regularly once each week, all groups in this course meet outside of class time in order to plan and execute their projects.  

Elective Courses

Semester in Washington Politics periodically offers at two elective courses.

PMGT 4192: Tutorial in American Politics and Elections

One section, "Globalization 3.0 and Public Affairs," explores the challenging global public affairs environment through case studies involving multinational corporations, NGOs, government officials, and private citizens/investors. You will examine the process of how various stakeholders' respond and counter-respond to these problems and how these issues spread in a globally interconnected communications marketplace. 

Another section, "A House Divided: Congress, the White House, Special Interests and the Media in Contemporary Washington," looks at Washington's shifting political and policy dynamics in a time of newly divded government. You will examine the inner workings of Congress, the White House, special interests and the media and how the relationships between these institutions are changing. For historical context, you will look back to previous presidential administrations and ask what lessons can be applied to today. 

Other sections of this course may consist of faculty supervised research, analysis, and discussion of a selected field of politics. 

Optional Internship Seminar

PMGT 4187: Internship Seminar

The internship seminar gives students the option to earn academic credit for faculty supervised research, reading, and reflection centering on the professional internship. This course can be tailored to the needs of the individual student.

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