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Are you a college student with a passion for politics who is ready to intern, study and explore Washington, D.C. for a spring or summer? Semester in Washington Politics (SIWP) is the program for you! Located in the heart of Washington, D.C. on the George Washington University campus, SIWP consists of two core classes (with the option to take additional electives), weekly networking events, a professional internship, and an optional mentoring program.

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Fall '15: The Road to the White House

Fall 2015, The Road to the White House

Even though it's only 2015, the next Presidential election is already heating up. And every four years, the road to the White House runs through the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

Semester in Washington Politics is pleased to offer a special Fall 2015 session, the Road to the White House. Students will not only be able to pull back the curtains of Washington, DC, but will also learn how Presidential primary campaigns operate, specifically in New Hampshire. Students will get the chance to learn the ins and outs of Presidential campaigns and will be virtually linked to NH through weekly seminars with the folks on the ground, from campaign staff and NH politicians to journalists and party officials.

More information will be coming soon, be sure to check back in!

Alumni Spotlights

Jill Neunaber

"It was the SIWP experience which showed me that there was a career path in the field that had captured both my heart and my imagination."

Charlie Liebschutz

"I learned more about working in politics in one summer at SIWP than I did in all the poli sci classes I took in college. The difference is the real-world experience."

Samantha Galing

"SIWP was the start of my professional network and the connections I made through SIWP have been key connections throughout my career."

Dominick Pangallo

"In my current role I'm constantly employing lessons and skills I acquired in SIWP, including crafting persuasive messages, planning strategy, media relations, and more"

Emily Crerand

"I wouldn’t have been able to take advantage of this opportunity nor do this (work) without doing SIWP."

Justin Spooner

"Thanks to a lot of what I learned in SIWP, I have been able to successfully run my own campaign for the Nebraska Legislature"