Alumni Spotlight

Kendall McCoy, OFA Virginia

Kendall McCoy, a Spring 2012 NAPLP alum, is still working on finishing her bachelor’s degree, but that didn’t stop her from working her first election cycle this year.

Emily Crerand

Emily Crerand attended Semester in Washington Politics in the summer of 2007.

Brandon Kenig

Brandon is the Chairman of Kansas Young Republicans & has worked on campaigns, for a U.S. Senator, and been actively involved in Kansas Republican politics.

Patrick Flynn

Patrick Flynn lives in Washington, DC and decided to put the skills he learned during the Semester in Washington Politics program by running for local office this year.

Anthony Stevens, Obama for America (North Carolina)

Another Spring 2012 alum, Anthony Stevens, worked for OFA this election cycle.

Jason Potteiger, Suffolk University Political Research Center (SUPRC)

Time and again, alumni of the Semester in Washington Politics program point to this experience as a career starter.


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Are you a college student with a passion for politics who is ready to intern, study and explore Washington, D.C. for a spring or summer? Semester in Washington Politics (SIWP) is the program for you. Located in the heart of Washington, D.C. on the George Washington University campus, SIWP consists of two core classes (with the option to take additional electives), weekly networking events, a professional internship, and an optional mentoring program.

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