Jordan Lieberman

Photo of Jordan Lieberman

President, Campaign Grid

Jordan Lieberman joined CampaignGrid in 2010. Previously he spent five years as publisher of Campaigns & Elections magazine. Prior to C&E, Lieberman consulted on campaigns and advocacy programs in the United States and abroad, handling the direct mail and telephone advocacy programs for congressional and state house candidates. He managed numerous races throughout New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Lieberman was among the first Americans to travel to Ukraine to assist the successful Presidential campaign of Victor Yushchenko by training his campaign management team.

Lieberman has a BA from the University of Pennsylvania and an MPA from Columbia University. He frequently serves as an analyst for cable news and other media outlets around the country. He had a lead role in the movie “Electile Dysfunction” the BBC documentary “Tea Party America,” and the upcoming film “How to Get Elected in America.”