International Students

Jane Macnamara, international student from Australia
Jane Macnamara, an international student from Australia, participated in SIWP spring 2013

International Students are welcome to apply for the Semester in Washington Politics program. It's a great opportunity for students from abroad to get a glimpse of how Washington DC works, and it also enriches the experience of our American students by exposing them to a number of new perspectives on goverment and politics.


If you are an international student are interested in applying, please take note of the following:

Funding Documents

  • If you plan to enter the United States on a Student (F-1) or Exchange Visitor (J-1) visa, you are required to submit a Financial Certificate for International Students and Bank Statement. This information is required because international students at GW are not eligible for need based financial assistance.
  • The Financial Certificate form should be fully completed by you and signed by your sponsor.
  • The Bank Statement should be an original letter from your personal bank or your sponsor's bank on official bank letterhead, verifying your ability to provide the funds stated on your Financial Certificate. The funds must be stated in U.S. dollars, and your name must be indicated on the letter. Funds must be sufficient to cover tuition, fees, living expenses, books, supplies, and other personal expenses.

Passport & Immigration Documents

All international students must submit a photocopy of the biographical and the expiration date pages of their passport.

Visa Information

Students currently in the United States must also provide a copy of

  • Current Visa
  • All pages of the I-20 from the current institution (if on an F-1 Visa)
  • Both sides of the I-94 card in passport

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